Stitching Dreams, One Thread at a Time!

When it comes to embroidery services, Recognition Products totally rocks! Seriously, they're like the embroidery champs you've been looking for. These guys are all about quality and paying crazy attention to the little stuff that makes a big difference. With a bunch of years in the game, Recognition Products knows their stuff inside out and upside down. They've got this squad of embroidery pros who know every trick in the book – fabrics, designs, you name it – so that every stitch they put down is like pure perfection. I'm talking about logos on clothes, super cool designs on accessories, or even those sweet monograms on gifts; these guys make 'em all look out of this world.

 But wait, there's more! What really makes Recognition Products your go-to choice is how they treat you like the real MVP. They're all ears for your ideas, working with you crazy closely to get what you want. It's like having your own personal embroidery dream team. And you know what's the cherry on top? They don't mess around with deadlines. You want your stuff on time? You got it. And nope, they don't play the quality sacrifice game either – everything they churn out is still top-notch. So, if you're up for embroidery that's like magic on fabric and want to work with folks who get what you're after, Recognition Products is where the party's at.

Artwork Design

We specialize in original artwork and design. We have an experienced in-house design team ready to handle any and all requests. Let us create something stunning for you and your brand!

Files Types

We work with a variety of file types. From EPS, PSD, AI, PNG, JPG, to SVG files, our team can process your request quickly and efficiently. We will assist you if you need your files converted into a different format.


With over 30 specialists on staff, we craft your project by hand to ensure that you receive the highest quality product available. We offer several types of embroidery processes so you can find the look you want



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